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E-Commerce is a commercial arrangement conducted electronically on the Internet. A great number of online shops use their website as their shop front, a place for their customers to easily browse products and services. In the high street, customers wouldn’t buy from shops that don’t look trustworthy or from shops they can’t get around; an E-commerce website is the same. Not many online customers would pay on a website that looks untrustworthy or is not functional. Odmantis is supporting to design creative, attractive, and trustworthy E-commerce website. E-commerce web design is the process of designing a website that is usable and looks good so any potential customer will buy from your company. If you sell products to your customers then you can sell those products on your website. An E-Commerce Website Solution can allow you to sell to customers on a local, national and global scale and enter new markets previously inaccessible. We have extensive knowledge and resources, working on multiple e-commerce platforms and can create an online store that meets all of your business requirements.

E-commerce websites are digital portals that facilitate E-commerce. E-commerce is a virtual platform via this you can sell your products. Any website equipped with E-commerce functionality and allow customers to purchase a good or service is an E-commerce website.

E-commerce is a blend word for "Electronic Commerce," which in and of itself seems oddly vague. Most E-commerce takes place on an E-commerce website, which acts as a virtual storefront wherein transactions and commerce can take place. E-commerce can manifest in many different forms:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Dropshipping
  • Digital Products
  • Services

Solutions That We Offer

Ecommerce Website Development Company

We are an eCommerce Website Development Company who offer custom design and development solutions

From Homepage to Checkout, Fast!

Developed using the latest technology and standards, you will have a fast website that helps customers to surf from browsing to checkout in seconds!

Custom extensions and plugins development

We expand the functionality of e-commerce platforms to meet your specific business needs

Shopping Cart Innovation

We hold skills in creating high-performance, feature-rich shopping carts that drive conversions and revenue for the business

Analytics & Reporting

You get credible analytics & responsive reporting for visitor tracking, traffic segmentation, navigation analysis, etc from our services

Payment Gateway Integration

The ease of payment via online transactions is what attracts many customers. Mostly First Data, BitCoin, Authorize.net, Paypal, Stripe, Etc are few majorly used ones

Key features

Cart Features

Payment Integration


What We Offer

  • Flexible cashing
  • Incorporated object-relational mapping structure
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Data authentication characteristics
  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Email
  • Reliable and secure and Flexible Engagement Models
  • Robust solutions at competitive prices

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