Prime Membership

Odmantis prime is a premium subscription package of our services with best discounts, offers and exclusive support. Odmantis provides the business development services like Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, and SEO. We offer prime services here for our prime members who can enjoy our prime services with best quality and price till 1year.

Priority support

Priority support gives preferential support. Some customers rely on Page Gate and it is critical to their business infrastructure and operations. Priority Support elevates the urgency of all of their calls and guarantees them response times. The goal of priority support is to provide customers the opportunity to upgrade and extend their support. Time is money, so with priority support we assure you priority access to skilled technicians knowledgeable about Page Gate software. Regular support both pre and post-sales for Page Gate is still available to users free of charge. Calls will be returned in the order in which they are received, with the exception of those who purchase the priority support option.

Business Page Optimization

Every business needs to promote their products or services and we all know that to promote the business the best platform is social media. In social media Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn considers. To optimize Facebook page, you have to adjust with correct page name, custom Facebook page URL, optimize your status update for SEO, Backlinks to your fan page and update your business info.

Competitive Market Research

Competitive market analyses enable organizations in flagging competitors in their market and devise ways to compete against them. This plays an important role at every single step of business development. Whether you are expanding your business, draw up a business plan, research forms a key part in making informed decisions, or attempt to choose a business.

Web SEO Audit

SEO audit analyzes a defined page for any targeted keyword or key phrase. Why do we check out only one page of your site at a time? Audit tool is directly line up with Google’s ranking algorithm, which ranks Web pages, not entire websites. It gives accurate results and useful tips for improving your organic search ranking.


5% off on all services for Odmantis Prime Membership

You will get the discount on Website Design, E-Commerce Website, Social Media Marketing and SEO.

10% off on 2nd order

Once you experience our services you will definitely come back to us again so as you know we never disappoint our clients that’s why we will give you 10% off on your 2nd order.

15% off on client referral

If you will give us any reference or any client comes with your reference than also you will get the exclusive 15% discount on your next order.


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