How To Create A Blog That Makes You An Influencer

Do you know about our well known bloggers Neil Patel, Brian Clark, Amit Agrawal, and Honey Umraniya, and their qualities? They are the most influential personalities in the digital marketing sphere today and they build influence through blogging. They got success in this blog world but it was not an overnight success. It was a hard process born out of a passion for finding a solution and sharing their knowledge to as many people as possible through digital technology and the internet.

Just one post can give the kind of exposure many business owners only dream of having. People who are interested in to read what influencers write in the post, genuinely pay attention to what they say. In this post, I am going to showcase some important point to make you the best blogger.

Select Your Topic Carefully

Don't write on any random topic. I remember one line which I read, “ Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” If readers don't see a central theme in your content, they won't keep coming back.

To avoid sounding too boring in your writing, find that you are passionate about where you feel you can add value in. It is easier to write in a conversational tone when you let your words reflect your personality.

Blog Content And Plan Your Strategy

To Start Blogging Once you choose your topic now it's time to create a blog. Think about what your users will type into search engines and select headings that match. Keep in mind your users' age group and write Your blog content according to them. It should be meaningful and interesting for your customers.

While content is so crucial, the most important factor is a loyal fan base strategy. Use the analytic tool on your blog and social media. Observe what type of content is most shared and liked, and participate in discussions about it. Research about the titles and images on articles in order to determine what attracts an audience the most, and then craft your content around it.

Use Social Media

It is not enough to have a blog out there. You need to make sure people are familiar with you. Don't just emit words. Do research, try to expand your thoughts through social media on different platforms. Interacting with social media users on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

If your content is 'awesome', make it easy for your readers to share your posts on social media. Make your content shareable though people can read and if they have some doubts or suggestions then they can post and you can revert them back.

Get Ready To Scale UP

Re-evaluate yourself after at least a year you are attaining or exceeding your goals, then it's time to scale up. You will naturally produce more content than what you used to. At that time you need for additional writers and editors surrounding you.

Once you start with the scratch level your thinking process, content, marketing, and trust building with your fan are the most important factors to scale you up. Your efforts and your words speak a lot. You can grow gradually but yes, that success is tremendous and it makes you a valuable blogger.


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